A development track record of quality and reliability

The Daily Pursuit of Perfection

Our goal is to provide the highest quality software development and Web solutions possible, and to back them with an unheard-of level of customer support that makes each client feel like they're the only client on the planet. It's a fire that drives us.

We're '90MPH
With Our Hair on Fire'

Every day, we try to hold ourselves to a "gold standard" in products and services, based on the latest technologies, following accepted best practices, and leveraging existing technology. To be successful, we need to move faster than the Internet—and be passionate about it.

We Love
What We Do

We are builders. We listen carefully to our clients' wants and needs. We gain a deep understanding of functional and technical requirements, then execute using an iterative approach that keeps the client 'in the loop' as we move forward.

Client Communication

We don't want to complete a project, head out for 'sea trials' (testing), then discover we built a cruise ship when what our client really wanted was an aircraft carrier. We work together as the project develops, making course adjustments as needed along the way, so that when we get to the launch point everyone knows the solution is the right one—and there are no surprises.

We Come Up With
Good Ideas

It's easy to have your company look lousy on the Web. Take someone up on their offer to build a Web site for free, ignore it for a year or so, and find out what you probably knew all along: To get something out of it, you've got to put something into it.

...And Then
We Execute

Without a good idea, where are you? Nowhere. But once you've got that idea, you've got to execute. You've got to carry that idea through to fruition—and probably clear some unexpected hurdles along the way. That's where we come in. We execute.

We Do More Than 'Plain Old' Web Sites

Not all the development we do is for the Web. Sometimes clients have slightly unusual requirements to, for example, integrate production and accounting systems, or construct specialized storage libraries, or automate workflows. Yep, we do that.

We Grow With
Best-in-Class Technology

If you're a small business, you might have found that, in order to increase your competitiveness, you need a level of systems integration typically found only at your larger competitors—but you don't have a six-figure budget. What are your options? Reach out to us.

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