Superb Customer Service: Just a way of thinking

Work starts early. Development and support systems horsepower is provided by two top-of-the-line HP Envy 17" laptops with secondary 21" displays, plus two QNAP NAS servers running RAID 5, all backed up to the Cloud. And that's just our development environment. Our production Web servers (we operate dedicated servers at data centers in Columbus OH, Louisville, KY and Atlanta, GA) are first-class Dell blades with redundancy built in at every layer of the infrastructure. Its expensive, but it means we virtually never have to explain to customers why their server is offline. With customers from Northport, Maine to Miami, Florida and from Dublin, Ireland to Honolulu, Hawaii, we always have people with IT and Website support needs and wants that can crop up at any time of day or night. Being prepared, ready to respond, and providing innovative solutions demands that we "stay on our game"—and we do.
Users of sophisticated online solutions have a right to solid, working, reliable products—but the reality is that not everything works as expected, all the time. Take Microsoft Word, for example: Now here's a program that has been developed by an army of programmers, over decades, funded by one of the most profitable software companies of all time. But have you ever had MS Word crash while you were writing a document? Many people can answer "Yes." So in addition to figuring out how to write software that is truly reliable, the challenge also lies in how the vendor responds when stuff doesn't work quite like it should.

When a customer needs help, our approach is to immediately elevate the issue to the top of the priority list if warranted—even if it means literally dropping everything we're working on in order address the need promptly. Sometimes it's a simple thing; other times its complicated. The quality of our products when they roll out the door helps ensure that we're not overwhelmed by Customer Support requests. But when a call comes in, we have the bandwidth to address it promptly and effectively. Users of our solutions will invariably attest to our willingness to help—quickly, effectively, responsibly, and with a single-minded focus on resolving the issue.

We genuinely feel that our customers deserve that level of support. Most will gladly attest to our responsiveness and the urgency we give to Customer Support issues when they arise.

A real-world server farm like the ones that support our products and services in Columbus, OH, Louisville, KY and Atlanta, GA

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About Our Infrastructure

Although we're based just north of Boston, MA we operate our products and services across a suite of redundant servers in Columbus, OH, Louisville, KY and Atlanta, GA. Why do we do this?

First, our Internet connectivity is first-class, direct backbone-connected technology with redundancy at all levels including routers, servers and failover management (if a server fails then there's another server ready to step in and provide the same services). End users sometimes take this level of redundancy for granted—until things go wrong and suddenly they can't connect to a server. We rely on two different providers--XLHost of Columbus, OH and Fusion Group of Atlanta, GA to provide these services. We demand 99.99% uptime from our server connectivity providers—even though it's expensive.

Second, we know that areas of the United States (and Canada) are subject to winter weather catastrophes that hack power lines for hours, or even days. And other areas are vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms, flooding and wildfires that threaten electricity supplies and lines of communication. There is no "magic bullet" solution to handling adverse conditions that can affect Internet service—and we don't pretend to provide that level of security. But for the most likely threats to service, we provide a solution that has stood the test of time for 16 years.

There is no substitute for solid, reliable, dependable, redundant infrastructure.