COVID-19 Response

Helping clients with information dissemination during the pandemic

With clients predominantly in the healthcare and hospitality (hotels) verticals, we've seen first-hand how the current coronavirus pandemic can tip an industry upside down. Worse, nursing homes and long term care facilities in the U.S. have been among the hardest hit businesses—due in part to their already typically thin operating margins and also to the vulnerability of their aging populations.

We've provided zero-cost response to those clients who've requested updates or changes in the solutions we manage for them, including their Web sites. In defense of our business, we employ anti-contamination practices that go beyond the legislated "social distancing" guidelines, and monitor our own service providers to ensure they are following protocols designed to stop the spread of this disease.

COVID-related notifications for the long term care facility Advocate Healthcare of East Boston, an Advocate Healthcare Management concern

COVID-related notifications for the long term care facility Fairhaven Healthcare Center (Lowell, MA)

If you are a customer and need assistance in this regard, please reach out to us.