Portfolio: Data-Integrated Web Sites, Web Applications and Web Services—and Special Projects

We are passionate about the Internet and the Web, and the ability of these technologies to share information effectively, enable improved communication in corporate environments, and make the experience a pleasant one for both business and recreational users, across all platforms—phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and large-screen displays.

For more than 17 years we've conceived, designed, developed, stylized, deployed, supported and enhanced a wide variety of Web solutions including applications that implement the most current technologies and techniques on the Internet. We have clients in 32 states across the country, from Massachusetts to Hawaii, from Minnesota to Texas. Use this site to consider the wide variety of Web sites, Web applications, Web services, and special projects we've brought into the world—and whether your organization might benefit from the unique solutions we know how to create.

We operate two sets of dedicated servers (i.e., not shared with any other company), one in Louisville, KY and one in Atlanta, GA. They're "mirrored", so whatever changes we make to a client's Web application on one set of servers are automatically duplicated to the other set of servers. We use these services for Web site and Web application hosting, SQL database hosting, a number of Windows Services that support our Web applications, and a few other things. 

Both facilities are highly secure from both a physical and networking standpoint, are connected directly to the Internet "backbone" for optimal speed and performance, and provide redundant connectivity and failover hardware in the event of server failure—which, let's face it, happens from time to time as disks, power supplies and other hardware fails and needs to be replaced. And, we've been doing this since 2002. It's expensive—but worth it to provide clients with the sort of "develop-it-once-and-run-it-forever" solutions we provide.

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As with most complex processes, the key ingredient behind our success is a simple one: Data Integration. Data Integration refers to the use of data stored in a relational database, an XML database or just a file system and using that information to provide a more useful, dynamic, flexible and supportable Web presentation. If a Web site is a bicycle, then a Web site with Data Integration is a motocross racing bike. If a Web site is a marshmallow, then a Web site with Data Integration is a S'more. If a Web site is a paper airplane, then a Web site with Data Integration is a Saturn V rocket.

Our services include database development and maintenance, Web site development, top-tier hosting and support, logo design, direct mail and email marketing. And, we truly love what we do.

Note that much of the work we do is proprietary and not accessible to the general public without a valid login—but in most cases you can still look at the intro pages.

We help clients
differentiate themselves on the Web—on phones, tablets, desktops and large-screen displays—through innovative design, leading-edge technology, responsive customer support and a willingness to do whatever it takes to help them stand out in their often crowded, changing, challenging markets.

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On the project workbench...

On the workbench: A Raspberry PI-powered, distributed, Web-enabled home security system framework (its been a while since I breadboarded anything; see right foreground—but it's refreshingly fun to bring together the software, firmware and hardware components together into a single project). It's a crowded market to be sure; this project is more of an experiment to probe the applications and limitations of Windows 10 IoT running on the Raspberry PI than an attempt at productizing. So far, the combination is impressive, but there's a lot of work to be done still and—at least in the context of Microsoft's Windows IoT OS platform—the Raspberry PI doesn't seem to measure up as well as the Minnowboard Turbot (Dual Core) for certain data-intensive applications, like video streaming.

NokonaBaseball.org: A new and responsive Web site for one of the leading travel baseball organizations in North America. This is a dynamic and content-laden site that promotes the efforts of the organization in training and developing college-bound baseball players, and puts the Web presence of Nokona Baseball head-and-shoulders above would-be competitors.


RX-PPS.com: A new and responsive Web site for an up-and-coming institutional pharmacy services company, based on the DNN framework and aimed at building a community of users across desktop and mobile platforms.


TewksburyLimousine.com: A new and responsive Web site for a limousine services company that has been in business serving customers in the Greater Boston area, MetroWest, northern Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire and the Seacoast region for three decades. Soon to add an impressive Candy Apple Red Stretch Hummer to their fleet, Tewksbury Limousine needed an updated Web presence that would "put them on the map," improve their search rankings and reflect their attention to quality service. The Web site is fully mobile compatible.


Fairhaven-Nursing.com: A new and responsive Web site for a respected rehabilitation and long term care facility in Lowell, MA—a healthcare facility that has catered to the needs of families and the elderly in the Greater Lowell area for decades. Fairhaven recently changed ownership from Merrimack Health Group to Athena Health Care, and needed an updated site to reflect that change. In the process, they received a professionally designed site that projects an appropriate image of this high-quality, hard-working facility—and through the process improved their search engine rankings and gained mobile compatibility.


TheLafayette.net: A new and responsive Web site for an elite and historic long term care facility in Marblehead, MA that was looking to promote a heavily themed site focused on horticulture and activites for residents centered on plant workshops and social interactivity. The Lafayette serves the needs of families and the elderly across Boston's North Shore. The new Web site not only conveys the intended themes of growth and engagement but achieves mobile compatibility—a critical marketing element today where so many familites and decision makers who are looking for a home for their aging parents turn to the Internet first, increasingly from mobile devices.


LedgewoodProperties.com: A new, responsive Web site for an apartment complex near Boston's MetroWest region. Quick, attractive, and extensible, this site demonstrates how Web sites based on cookie-cutter technology like GoDaddy's Website Builder can still deliver a unique, well-branded user experience. This site is part of a larger project by Ledgewood's property management company to introduce a simple, easy-to-use online rent payment system based on ACH (Automated Clearing House) technology.


EvolutionTheLie.com: A highly stylized, video-decorated boutique content management system built from the ground up using ASP.NET C#—with its own quiz subsystem—allowing entry and management of scholarly articles supporting an anti-evolutionary stance.


TalentCzar™: A hospitality-industry-leading Human Resources portal built on the DNN platform and expanded with securely linked, propriety data-driven ASP.NET applications written in C# for accepting job applications, and managing job openings, candidates, employee profiles, property information, employee reviews for 400+ managers, plus training for more than 7,000 management and line employees across 45 hotels in North America (not publicly accessible without login).


Hospitality Systems Infrastructure: A Web-centric architecture built "from the ground up" in the Microsoft .NET Framework and C# implementing a Talent Database for the hospitality industry, providing applications and supporting services for online job postings, online job applications, training, employee reviews, and a wide variety of HR-related data management tasks for hotel properties.

Hospitality Systems Infrastructure

TAP™, the Talent Acquisition Portal: An expansive tool for managing job openings, candidates who apply, employees and their positions, hotel properties, job descriptions and more in the hospitality property management space (not publicly accessible without login).

Talent Acquisition Portal

SMART™, the Succession Management and Review Tool: A secure 360-degree employee review system, incorporating management reviews, peer reviews, and self reviews (not publicly accessible without login).

Succession Management and Review Tool

PALMS™, the Pyramid Advanced Learning Mangement System: A custom data-driven training application for a leading hospitality management group, capable of delivering uniquely packaged training curriculi drawn from more than 1,500 courses (HTML, PDF, PowerPoint and video) and delivered to more than 7,000 hotel employees based on brand, department, and management level (not publicly accessible without login).

Pyramid Advanced Learning Mangement System

Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center: An updated responsive Web site currently in development with prominent jQuery features for enhanced user interactivity developed for a premier rehabilitation and long-term-care facility.

Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

CommunityService.US: A proprietary Web site developed as a proof-of-concept for a venture based on the concept of embracing and evolving volunteerism at the high school level, using proximity search techniques to match area teens with volunteer opportunities.


Hancock JOBStat™: A custom data-driven job description management application developed for a major midwest healthcare facility—Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield, Indiana, handling 300+ job descriptions in multiple versions across 25+ departments (site developed on behalf of advertising agency David Wilson Associates for Hancock Regional Hospital; not publicly accessible without login).

Hancock JOBStat™

CrimsonPress.net: A clean, crisp Web site for one of the Boston area's most reputable high-end printing concerns, Crimson Press of Stoneham, MA. The graphical design for the site was provided by advertising agency David Wilson Associates. Development of this site was a study in how to take a Web site from concept to working product—making it "real".

Crimson Press

TJXAdBook.com: Online Ad Book application developed for the nation's #1 off-price retailer (site developed on behalf of advertising agency David Wilson Associates for TJX Corporation; not publicly accessible without login).


Facebook landing page for TJMaxx: One of several dozen single-page sites created in seconds from a single responsive template as landing pages for Facebook recruitment ads placed by advertising agency David Wilson Associates on behalf of TJMaxx.


Facebook landing page for Marshalls: One of several dozen single-page sites created in seconds from a single responsive template as landing pages for Facebook recruitment ads placed by advertising agency David Wilson Associates on behalf of Marshalls.


DonOrioneHome.org: A new responsive Web site to celebrate the rejuvenation of an historic rehabilitation and long term care facility located in the Orient Heights section of East Boston, just across the street from the famous Madonna Queen of the Universe Shrine. Under new management, the facility has rededicated itself to quality care and uses its new Web site to project how it has vaulted to a position of high esteem among similar facilities in recent years.


ExceLTC.com: An innovative, proprietary solution for centrally managing the Admissions documentation process at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). This solution securely allows administrators to customize more than 100 aspects of their Admissions Packet, then download a finished Admissions Packet as a secure Adobe PDF document (not publicly accessible without login).


Direct mail: A targeted mailer for one of the northeastern U.S.'s leading security systems integrators, GS Security Systems Inc. (acquired by Convergint Technologies in 2015) aimed at specific decision-makers working for companies using a competitor's newly obsoleted product. This mailer featured a QR code to take visitors directly to an online information-capture page where they could qualify for a no-charge security systems audit.

Direct mail

VoiceVisit.com: A site developed in support of an entrpreneur's effort to prove concept and raise capital.


From The Corner Office — personal notes

This year, 2018, marks our family's 21st year of association with The Jimmy Fund—through treatments for a daughter who is today a cancer survivor, participating in The Jimmy Fund Walk to raise money, and these days as volunteers. My wife Colleen, eldest daughter Lauren, cancer survivor Lindsay, and youngest Leanne joined me along with Lindsay's husband Jonathan and Leanne's significant other Joey on Sept. 23 in Hopkinton, MA (the starting line for the Boston Marathon) to sign people up, and hand out T-shirts and bibs. It is inspiring to see enthusiastic, upbeat and committed walkers show up as early as 5 a.m. to make the full 26.2-mile walk to the finish line on Boylston Street in Boston, all in the interest of raising money for a very worthy cause. There is a sure-ness (if that is even a word) that these people bring to the effort to fight cancer, no matter how deeply it has touched them.

Our middle daughter Lindsay, a perennial volunteer who was diagnosed in 1997 and is today a 21-year cancer survivor, was away at a friend's wedding. The Boston Marathon® Jimmy Fund Walk has raised more than $125 million for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute's fight against cancer since 1989.

On June 25, 2016, Lindsay Marie Tucker was wed to Jonathan Cahill of Lowell, MA. The ceremony was held outdoors on a warm sunny day at Lynch Park in Beverly, MA. The reception was held at the Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA.

(Friendship of Salem)

(Friendship of Salem)

(Friendship of Salem)

(Friendship of Salem)

Lindsay is a 21-year survivor of pediatric cancer, having been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in 1997 at the age of 7½. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the doctors, nurses and support staff at Boston Children's Hospital and The Dana Farber Cancer Institute, today she drives a car, has a Masters Degree in Elementary Education, and is an aspiring writer and digital designer. And, she is generally regarded as the best slalom water-skier in our family.

Her chief physician in 1997, Dr. Charlie Roberts, MD, PhD, who was a leader in the pediatric cancer treatment program at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, is today Executive Vice President, Member of the Faculty, and head of the Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Program at St. Jude's Childrens Hospital in Memphis, TN—an organization which, like The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and The Jimmy Fund Clinic, has made a huge contribution to cancer survivorship among infants, children, teenagers and adults.

Dr. Roberts brings to his practice an amazing combination of compassion, personability and intellectual brilliance in the area of genomic research into the causes and optimal treatments of pediatric cancers. Lindsay and all of us, as a family, were incredibly fortunate to live near Boston where so many excellent doctors, surgeons, nurses and supporting staff dedicate their professional lives to successful outcomes like Lindsay's. Dr. Roberts and his team had a fundamental and positive affect on all our lives.

The bride and groom have been long-time fans of the Salem, MA waterfront area—venues like Salem Willows, Pickering Wharf and Derby Wharf, where the Friendship of Salem is usually moored dockside. This vessel, a 1998 replica of the 1800s East Indiaman merchant ship that helped bring wealth to Salem and make it a premier hub of commerce, is one of the tourist highlights of Salem Harbor. To commemorate their wedding, the bride and groom received a gift from the bride's parents—a model of the Friendship of Salem faithfully reproduced from the actual plans used by the National Park Service to build the replica in 1998. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to design the appliqué for the transom based on photographs of the actual replica vessel. The ship was built by Bluejacket Shipcrafters of Searsport, ME.

The replica itself has been de-masted and in drydock for maintenance and major repairs for more than a year, but she is expected to return to her berth at Derby Wharf in Salem sometime late this year or in 2018, where she'll undergo the laborious process of re-stepping her masts and re-rigging. She is a beautiful vessel.

The original Friendship of Salem made more than a dozen voyages to destinations including the Dutch East Indies, India, China, South America, London, Paris, Germany and Russia before she was captured by the British during the War of 1812. Her ultimate fate remains unknown to this day.

My wife of 33 years, Colleen, and I live in Tewksbury, MA 22 miles north of Boston. We have three daughters in their 20s and 30s.

The wedding of my middle daughter was two years in the planning. When June 25, 2016 finally came around, the weather was spectacular. One of the highlights of the reception was the Maid of Honor speech, delivered by Lindsay's two sisters, Lauren and Leanne (view it here). It was a great day—and night!

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