Our portfolio: Web sites, Web applications, Web services, and special projects

For more than 15 years we've conceived, designed, developed, stylized, deployed, supported and enhanced a wide variety of Web solutions including applications that implement the most current technologies and techniques on the Web. Consider the wide variety of sites, Web applications, Web services, and special projects we've brought into the world. Note that much of the work we do is proprietary and not accessible to the general public without a valid login.

NokonaBaseball.org: A new and responsive Web site published in July 2015 for one of the leading travel baseball organizations in North America. This is a dynamic and content-laden site that promotes the efforts of the organization in training and developing college-bound baseball players, and puts the Web presence of Nokona Baseball head-and-shoulders above would-be competitors.


PreferredPharmacySolutions.com: A new and responsive Web site published in June 2015 for an up-and-coming institutional pharmacy services company, based on the DNN7 framework and aimed at building a community of users across desktop and mobile platforms.


EvolutionTheLie.com: A highly stylized, video-decorated boutique content management system built from the ground up using ASP.NET C#—with its own quiz subsystem—allowing entry and management of scholarly articles supporting an anti-evolutionary stance.


TalentCzar™: A hospitality-industry-leading Human Resources portal built on the DNN platform and expanded with securely linked, propriety data-driven ASP.NET applications written in C# for accepting job applications, and managing job openings, candidates, employee profiles, property information, employee reviews for 400+ managers, plus training for more than 7,000 management and line employees across 45 hotels in North America (not publicly accessible without login).


Hospitality Systems Infrastructure: A Web-centric architecture built around a Talent Database for the hospitality industry, providing applications and supporting services for online job postings, online job applications, training, employee reviews, and a wide variety of data management tasks for hotel properties.

Hospitality Systems Infrastructure

TAP™, the Talent Acquisition Portal: An expansive tool for managing job openings, candidates who apply, employees and their positions, hotel properties, job descriptions and more in the hospitality property management space (not publicly accessible without login).

Talent Acquisition Portal

SMART™, the Succession Management and Review Tool: A secure 360-degree employee review system, incorporating management reviews, peer reviews, and self reviews (not publicly accessible without login).

Succession Management and Review Tool

PALMS™, the Pyramid Advanced Learning Mangement System: A custom data-driven training application for a leading hospitality management group, capable of delivering uniquely packaged training curriculi drawn from more than 1,500 courses (HTML, PDF, PowerPoint and video) and delivered to more than 7,000 hotel employees based on brand, department, and management level (not publicly accessible without login).

Pyramid Advanced Learning Mangement System

OASYS™, the Online Application System: A comprehensive, multi-lingual online job application site to serve as an adjunct to the BestHotelCareers.com job board. This secure Web application, available in English and Spanish, captures a wide range of applicant information, feeds this information directly into the company's candidate tracking database, and includes CAPTCHA verification to reduce unwanted database-generated responses (site can only be accessed by applying for a current job opening on BestHotelCareers.com).

Online Application System

Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center: An updated responsive Web site currently in development with prominent jQuery features for enhanced user interactivity developed for a premier rehabilitation and long-term-care facility.

Bear Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

CommunityService.US: A proprietary Web site developed as a proof-of-concept for a venture based on the concept of embracing and evolving volunteerism at the high school level, using proximity search techniques to match area teens with volunteer opportunities.


D K Marine International: A quick-turnaround site (created in less than two hours based on designs provided) for a marine transport specialty company (site developed on behalf of David Wilson Associates for D K Marine International; site design by David Wilson Associates).

D K Marine International

Hancock JOBStat™: A custom data-driven job description management application developed for a major midwest healthcare facility—Hancock Regional Hospital in Greenfield, Indiana, handling 300+ job descriptions in multiple versions across 25+ departments (site developed on behalf of David Wilson Associates for Hancock Regional Hospital; not publicly accessible without login).

Hancock JOBStat™

TJXAdBook.com: Online Ad Book application developed for the nation's #1 off-price retailer (site developed on behalf of David Wilson Associates for TJX Corporation; not publicly accessible without login).


Facebook landing page for TJMaxx: One of several dozen single-page sites created in seconds from a single responsive template as landing pages for Facebook recruitment ads placed by agency David Wilson Associates on behalf of TJMaxx.


Facebook landing page for Marshalls: One of several dozen single-page sites created in seconds from a single responsive template as landing pages for Facebook recruitment ads placed by agency David Wilson Associates on behalf of Marshalls.


Landmark Health Solutions Admissions Packet: A proprietary application to centrally manage the 160+ page documentation process for admissions at several Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs) under the Landmark Health Solutions umbrella.

Landmark Health Solutions Admissions Packet

ExceLTC.com: An innovative, proprietary solution for centrally managing the Admissions documentation process at nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and other Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs). This solution securely allows administrators to customize more than 100 aspects of their Admissions Packet, then download a finished Admissions Packet as a secure Adobe PDF document (not publicly accessible without login).


Direct mail: A targeted mailer for one of the northeastern U.S.'s leading security systems integrators, GS Security Systems Inc. (acquired by Convergint Technologies in 2015) aimed at specific decision-makers working for companies using a competitor's newly obsoleted product. This mailer featured a QR code to take visitors directly to an online information-capture page where they could qualify for a no-charge security systems audit.

Direct mail

VoiceVisit.com: A site developed in support of an entrpreneur's effort to prove concept and raise capital.